Fennel is one of the nicest vegetables to grow. It’s just difficult enough that a good crop feels like an accomplishment. The crisp texture, cool anise flavor, and dense layers give it unmatched culinary value.

In season: Fall and spring.

How we pick it: When harvested fresh from the field we cut and offer the entire plant: bulb and ferny herb. We store a bit of our fennel crop, so later in the winter season you will see it trimmed of the herb.

Shelf life: Fennel is best when eaten fresh, but will keep moderately well for a month or two. To keep bulbs fresh at home, trim off the stalks and store separately. Wrap gulf in a bag or towel and keep in the crisper drawer.

How to prep: Slice in half lengthwise, cut out the small stem end on the bottom.

Cook: Fennel bulbs can be used in a similar fashion as celery: chopped finely and salted with onion and garlic as a flavor base; Use a a raw crudite; Slice thinly and add as a salad topping; Braise halves in a flavorful broth.

Fennel tops can be used as an herb, or use the stalk and leaves to make a simple, flavorful stock to use as a base in soups.


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