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Steamed & Sauteed Garlicky Greens

I really do love vegetables–all the vegetables. I appreciate each variety we grow and what makes each one unique. But sometimes, I really do just love to mix them all together! When I want a huge bowl of steaming and flavorful greens, or have a lot to use up, this is how I prepare them. STEAMED & SAUTED GARLICKY GREENS Ingredients: Mix of greens (Like … Continue reading Steamed & Sauteed Garlicky Greens


Parsnips are the best fall root. I am not kidding. They aren’t eaten raw, and they take a VERY LONG TIME to grow, so you don’t really eat them any other season except fall and winter, and with the onset of cold temperatures, their warm and inviting flavor is welcome. Continue reading Parsnips

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General Vegetable Storage Tips

STORAGE TIPS So, you’ve got your winter veggies for the next two weeks, now what? You might eat everything in a few days, or attempt to spread it all out evenly until we meet in two weeks. Regardless of your style, the great thing about cold season vegetables is most of them keep! Here’s some tips to keep the items in your share fresh for … Continue reading General Vegetable Storage Tips